Client Testimonials 

Lauren’s support and knowledge were just what we needed to get our lives back on track. Mason was a nightmare sleeper, but with Lauren’s help we were able to get him napping twice a day and sleeping through the night. Lauren was very thoughtful of my parenting style and was always available to answer any questions. Mason is a much happier child now that he is on a schedule and getting lots of rest. Thank you, Lauren!
— Lisa, Massachusetts

As a new mom, I was overwhelmed and completely inexperienced on how to get my little one on a proper sleep schedule and to sleep through the night. Lauren worked with us to understand our current routine and pain points. She was patient and listened and then created a plan we were comfortable with that lead Dylan to becoming an independent sleeper. I owe my own sleep and sanity to Lauren and couldn’t have done it without her guidance and constant support!
— Melissa, New York

When Lauren started working with me for my daughter’s nap schedule, she only would nap in a swing, dock a tot and stroller. Lauren helped me transition into sleep in the crib and out of the swing without a regression. I saw a change from catnaps to naps over an hour in the first 2 weeks! I am so grateful to Lauren and her help and schedule and daily support and check ins during our time. I credit this time and Lauren’s support with my daughter easily transitioning from 3 to 2 naps and less catnaps or skipped naps! We are now at 1 nap a day and we see between 1.5- 3 hour a day naps (depending on her day) and sleeping through the night due to the work we did before and during the 3 to 2 nap transition period.
— Melissa, New York

After breastfeeding and rocking my daughter to sleep for a year, I was lucky enough to have Lauren’s amazing advice and support to help me wean her and develop a fast, loving bedtime routine. Lauren took all the time in the world to understand the issues that I was having, and developed a one-of-a-kind approach that aligned with my personality and family’s lifestyle. She was amazing with coaching me in moments of anxiety about the situation, and ultimately got my daughter sleeping calmly on her own within 3 nights. We’ve never had a lapse since! Lauren has great, realistic insight about sleep, is super professional. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Hali, New York

When Jax was around 18 months, he refused to go to sleep and would continuously wake up through the night and not fall back asleep. Lauren worked with us and within a week, we had our son on a nighttime routine where he would go to bed quickly and sleep through the night! Both child and parents couldn’t have been happier!
— Staci, Illinois