Why Hire A Sleep Consultant? 


1. Get Back Your Nights

Lack of sleep is often the #1 frustration and concern of parents. If these problems aren’t addressed early on, it can take up to 5 years to see improvement...who wants to wait that long?

Once we’ve worked together, you will have a strong foundation for healthy sleep which will set your family on a successful path for the future. The knowledge you will gain through the process will extend far beyond our time together.

2. Boost Your Child's Health

Poor sleep can lead to mental, emotional, and physical health problems for parents and babies.  Sleep is crucial for optimal growth and development. Once your child starts sleeping, you'll see how quickly and positively it will affect their temperament. Pediatricians often don’t stress the importance of sleep enough, which is why we are here to educate.

3. Save Time  

Although there are literally hundreds of baby sleep books out there, all too often one theory contradicts the next. After all, there really isn’t a universal fix for your unique baby’s sleep problems. We are here to save you countless hours of wasted effort and frustration.

4. Advice From an Expert and a Custom Plan

Holding over 250 hours of training in a wide range of methods, Lauren Wolf, Founder of Lolo Lullaby, studied directly under Deborah Pedrick, Founder of the Family Sleep Institute (FSI), a six month intensive program that combines classroom training and real life case work.  

The personalized strategies we develop reflect each family's unique situation from preparing for a new sibling to crib-to-bed transition (hint: wait as long as possible) to napping and beyond. We never push families into any one specific sleep training method and make sure that our solutions feel like a comfortable fit for all involved.

Defining elements of Lolo Lullaby include constant one-on-one support, and the mutual conquering of challenges and celebration of victories that come our way.

Ready to get that full night’s sleep you have been dreaming about? Contact us for a consultation so we can make those zzz's a reality!